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HOT-ROD Audio specializes in high performance audio processing systems and modifications for broadcasters who live on the competitive edge.

We provide services ranging from complete custom system design and implementation, to modifications of your existing processors that unlock their ability to beat your competition. We also provide on-site system installation and complete microphone-through-antenna facility review and optimization.

As has always been our policy, we back up our systems with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We deliver the results you need or there is no cost to you.

Our most popular product is the HOT-ROD Audio high performance 8100/XT-II modification, currently on the air on leading stations in all size markets. This affordable option to buying yet another new $8,000-10,000 processor is not only a highly effective alternative for the budget concious, it also happens to represent the state of the art in analog processor performance.

We also offer modifications to other popular processors.

If you currently have modern analog processing but are considering a major purchase of an expensive new digital processor, please speak to us first. We can probably save you a lot of money while delivering the market leading sound and loudness you are looking for. One thing we promise we'll never do is sell you something you don't need or that is not appropriate for your particular situation.

We've been in the processing game for more than 22 years and have a vast amount of competitive experience building proprietary processing systems for radio stations in top-10 markets. We know what it takes to win and how to deliver outstanding value, all at no risk to you.

E-mail us today in confidence for more information. *

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(* Because of non-conflict agreements, some services are not currently available in some markets.)

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